Pilates Moves For Weight Loss (9 Moves)

Pilates moves for weight loss

Pilates has proven to be one of the best ways for people to lose weight according to a study carried out on 303 women. It’s an exercise that can really increase your overall physical capabilities while trimming you down. You will gain some muscle strength and muscle tone along the way as well. If you are just starting out down the path of Pilates, you may be wondering what the best Pilates moves for weight loss are.

There are a number of excellent Pilates moves you can perform that will promote weight loss. Take a look at these nine amazing Pilates exercises that you can add to your routine. They will all help you lose those pounds you’re wanting to take off while toning your muscles.

Pilates Moves For Weight Loss

  1. Criss-Cross Exercises

This is essentially like doing crunches. You will need to lay flat on your back and slightly bend one of your knees. From here, you then twist your upper body to bring your right elbow towards your left knee. Do this on the opposite side while straightening out the other leg.

This exercise is great for getting your heart rate up and it really works your core as well. If you can maintain the position of keeping your neck slightly elevated during this exercise, you should be able to keep your core really tight. Your abdominal region will burn a copious amount of fat through the regular use of this exercise.

  1. Simulated Swimming

The simulated swimming exercise is one of the traditional Pilates moves that works wonders for losing weight. Lay flat on your stomach and press your thighs together. Lift your arms and legs off of the mat and keep your feet pointed. You then need to alternatively lift your left arm/right leg and then your right arm/left leg.

It may seem to be a simple exercise from the outside looking in, but this can be a real fat burner. It will get be a very effective move for burning calories and also works to tone your arms and legs. As an added benefit, the motion is good for your gluteal muscles as well.

  1. Leg Pull

The leg pull exercise can be difficult for some people who are just starting out with Pilates, but it is highly effective. You need to place your hands down on the mat with your palms out and your fingers should be pointed inwards. In a sort of inverted push-up position, you then need to perform a reverse plank. Lift your leg up vertically and then hold it there for several seconds.

You need to alternate doing this with your other leg. Maintaining the reverse plank can be strenuous, but this will definitely work out your core and burn a lot of calories. Your legs will feel the burn as well, so you’ll be slimming down your legs over time.

  1. Jogging/Butt Kickers

This move is great because it is relatively simple for anyone to perform. You need to jog while lifting your knees up as high as you can. Your knees should go above your navel ideally, and you need to alternate raising them.

The second part of this exercise is adding in what most refer to as butt kickers. You need to bring your heels all the way back towards your butt. Alternate doing this with your left and then your right foot. This will get your heart rate up really high if you keep a good pace.

  1. Jumping Jacks into Planking

This is another move that is going to get your heart rate jacked up. You want to keep your heart rate high to ensure you’re burning the maximum amount of calories. This move involves doing a jumping jack and then going down into a plank. You hop back up to your feet and then start the process again.

It can be difficult for people who aren’t in great shape to keep up with this exercise. You should attempt to do this at your own pace when starting out. Over time you will be able to do this better and you’ll be getting the full benefits of this type of movement.

  1. Kneeling Kicks Done from a Side Position

You need to kneel on the ground and then invert yourself sideways. Placing all of your weight on one knee, you should place one hand on your mat to support yourself. Place your free hand behind your head and then bring your free leg out straight before kicking towards your abdomen. This is an advanced core strengthening move.

If you want to work towards burning stubborn belly fat, this exercise is going to be very beneficial. Just remember to perform the exercise with your other leg after doing 10 or so kicks.

  1. Corkscrew

This is a very good move for beginners to Pilates. You simply need to lay flat on your back while lifting both of your legs together. You need to move your legs in a corkscrew pattern. Move them to the left, to the right, and then lift them straight up.

You should feel your core burn a little bit when performing this exercise properly. It is highly effective, but isn’t too tough for someone who is just starting out. It’s a move that can assist you in losing weight, so you should definitely add it to your exercise routine.

  1. Seal Position

The seal position exercise helps with flexibility while also promoting weight loss. You need to lay flat on the mat and then grab your ankles, snaking your arms around your calves to do so. Bring your ankles down towards your head and roll onto your shoulders. Roll back up onto your butt and then repeat the process.

You will feel significantly more limber when you make regular use of this exercise. It can be effective for stretching yourself out even if you choose to not use the rolling as part of the routine.

  1. Cannonball Rolls into Jumping

While laying flat on your back, you need to grab your knees and roll forward. Spring to your feet and then jump into the air. This is called cannonball rolling into jumping. It is a great aerobic exercise and might be challenging depending on your physical limitations. Regardless of what limitations are, it’s another solid way to burn some fat.

If you have trouble with the jumping, doing a cannonball roll into a standing position should still be an effective workout. Simply take things at your own pace and do your best to understand your limitations. As you continue with your exercise routine, you will gain strength and ability rapidly. You’ll be surprised what you are capable of after several weeks of dedicated exercise.

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